Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've Got A Job!

Well, sort of. I'm doing some test knitting! I wish it was my everyday job, but I don't think it would pay the bills. So maybe it will just pay for my addiction -- oops! I mean, my hobby.

Anyways, I got this pattern. (sorry, it's a secret!) it doesn't look too hard, and I hope it won't take me ages to finish! I'm not the Speedy Gonzales of knitting. I will say that it will be a nice change from all the baby hats I've been making!

I tried to use some of my stash. Really. I did. But, the more I thought about it, I don't think my fiber choice, although the right weight and color, would have worked out. And my gauge was off by a half-stitch after two tries. And since I normally don't swatch (I'm such a rebel!), the two I tried for this was my limit. So much for my thrifty plan!

So, of to the A.C. Moore to buy me some Lion brand Cotton-Ease. I'm about to swatch, because that's what designers like, and we want to make the designer happy, right?

Speaking of designers: I was illegally on Ravelry at work today (hehehe: new computer = no firewall!) and just happened to be in the forums just as Louisa Harding herself sent a message to the "Louisa Harding Lovers" group. I was such a kiss-up. I welcomed her to the group of course, and then I gushed about how I love her "Natural Knits for Babies and Moms" book. I made a total fool of myself.

Oh well. Why should today be any different than another? :-)

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Karolee said...

Cool! How do you get to be a test knitter?

I didn't know you had this blog also - just saw it on your link list. I'll have to add this to my bloglines. :)