Friday, July 4, 2008

Long Time, No Post

Hey y'all! An actual knitting post! WOO HOO!!

Just thought I'd check in, since I am doing a tad of knitting. I pulled a WIP from the depths of my closet, and am actually making progress! It's a doll from "Toys to Knit" that I started, um, years ago.

I'm a Fearless Knitter now, so I decided to take those flat pieces with scads of seaming and convert them to in-the round pieces. So far so good! I had to buy Size 3 circulars for it, and here I have to say:

Mrs. Saleslady at Yarn Paradise that unfortunately I don't remember your name,

THANK YOU for showing me the Addi Turbo needles. I am in love with them, and since you are responsible, you are officially my new best friend.:-)

Givin' Knit Away

More to come. Really. Pinky swear :-)

Happy 4th and Happy Knitting, y'all!


Knit-Wit said...

Just popped in quick for a look at what you have been knitting. Great stuff. I tried a felted bear and it looks dreadful. My darling little girl, though, loves it. Funny how kids become attached to the most ugly things.

mPP said...


I just found your website and thought you might like to post some of your knitting to my new community-written blog,

Hope to see you there!