Sunday, December 16, 2007

Introducing Frank

So I finally got back on track. As tempted as I was to cast on another project because I despise finishing, I forced myself to finish my boy bear for the Mother Bear Project.

Everyone, meet Frank, aka Ol' Blue Eyes :-)

My original plan was to make a sister for little Frank, but I think I'm gonna let him hibernate for a while first. I have a feeling that if I actually made socks, I would suffer from second sock syndrome. I get bored, which is why I've usually only made any pattern once or twice. Not that it's a bad thing - it's made my Ravelry projects more interesting since it's not photo after photo of socks :-) (No offense if that's you.)

After reading this post on the blog "Now Norma Knits," I felt a bit guilty for only making one pair of mittens for the Soaring Eagles project. I thought about making a pair for a boy, and another for a girl. But I'd never made mittens before and didn't know how long it would take (and see the last paragraph about repeating patterns), so I only made one unisex pair.

So, to alleviate my guilt over not doing more for Soaring Eagles I cast on a chemo cap for the "Caps for a Cure" group on Ravelry and Yahoo. I'm using the pattern for an eyelet hat that's in the book "Knitting for Peace" by Betty Christiansen. Photos will follow, but right now it's dark out so my pictures would stink. And I only have a rolled brim so far. Not exactly gripping subject matter, unless you're a total knitting addict like me...

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