Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've got STUFF to show you!!

No, seriously. I have FINISHED OBJECTS!! And they're so significant that I had to spell out FINISHED OBJECTS!

First, I finished my mom's mary jane slippers from The Purl Bee. However, they don't look much like mary janes. I decided to skip the strap because I don't think that #1 she wants to mess with a strap and #2 they fit fine without one.

I also added a knitted buttercup from Nicky Epsteins "Knitted Flowers" to give them a little "oomph." I like....

I think I'll save them for her birthday in January. I gave her felted slippers on Christmas a year or two ago and it wasn't so good. They didn't stretch enough after felting to actually go on her foot. Yeah, nice.

So we'll try a different occasion, and hope that it goes over better!!

Come back tomorrow for another FINISHED OBJECT!!

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