Monday, November 17, 2008


And it's a DOOZY!! I started it in 2006 (according to Ravelry.)



So, without further ado, I present....


Remember that I finished her clothes first, so she wouldn't be nekkid?

Well, she's wearing 'em now! (But she's going commando because I haven't made her undies yet :-))

I'm not overly happy with her face, but I knew I wouldn't be. My embroidery skills are a bit rusty. Maybe I'll leave it, maybe not. Eh...

She may be due for a trim on those luscious brown tresses of hers. Just a tad on the long side, unless you braid them or make a ponytail. Then it seems to be OK. Jury's till out on that one, too.

But, she's FINISHED!!!! And dressed!

Oh, yeah. That.

Her V-neck sweater is a bit too low cut. When her skirt is appropriately situated around her little waist, you can see the waistband showing through the neck of the sweater. Grrr... I made a FLOOZY doll! :-) We're gonna have to have a talk. We may be in the market for some better fitting attire....


Annie said...

LOL you are too funny. Congrats on the FO! You win :) Give me another month and maybe I'll have mine done.

ali said...

Fun doll! My girls would love some of those- and they only take 2 to 3 years to knit?! Hehe, fun stuff.

Happy knitting-

Anonymous said...

CUTE!! I finished a knitted bear (complete with for my five year old for Christmas.
Good job!