Saturday, March 15, 2008

Golden Rose Sundress

OK, so that test knit I did a while back that was a big secret? Well, here it is: Golden Rose Sundress by Wendi Dunlap from The link is to her website, but it is also on Ravelry. The baby in the photos is wearing the one I made. Isn't she precious?

Here are a few shots I took:

The pattern is really easy, with seed stitch, stockinette, a few garter stitch rows, and some easy lace. It is available for $4.00.

Let her know what you think, and buy the pattern!! :-)


Norma said...

Oh, very cute! Well done.

Karolee said...

very cute! do you get to keep the dress?

Knittymuggins said...

That's so adorable! I'm a test knitter too. Isn't it fun?