Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Have a New Favorite

I saw this yarn a few weeks ago when I was in one of the LYS, and almost bought it then and there. I had never heard of it before. It was at the counter by the register, and a sample baby sweater had been knit from it. It was muy soft, and the colors were very nice. But, I had already been in the shop for a bit, rationed out my fundage, and was ready to check out. So I left it.

Today, on my day off, I decided to spend my Christmas gift certificate at another LYS, the Yarn Nook. And guess what? There was the same sample baby sweater, and the same yarn with the cool ball band. And let me just say that I might have a new favorite yarn. It's called "Sublime," and boy is it ever! Just look at these colors!

I was totally squeezing the Charmin when I saw this stuff. I bet yarn shops hate people like me, putting their grubby hands all over the cashmeres, silks, expensive hand-dyes and such. Ummmm, yarn. I love it! I almost rubbed it across my cheek like a favorite blankie - it's that soft! I can't wait to figure out what to make from it...

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Karolee said...

Oh Man! That's what I hate about buying yarn on the Internet.... You can't touch it! It looks lovely!