Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two posts in one week. Might be a record!

Nah, it just means that I'm actually KNITTING!

This is a cruddy shot of my red wagon hat redo:

and both of the final hats together:

I redid the handle on Hat #2. The embroidery didn't work, so I made the i-cord again but this time it looked MUCH better after it was attached. So, the hats are

*delivered and
*paid for!

Which has now freed me up for more knitting. You'd better sit down for this.......

It's ALL the body parts of the knitted doll that I started somewhere about 2004!

Now, time for stuffing and assembly. And choosing hair color. And style. And a face.


I thought she was almost done :-)

Well, at least she won't be nekkid when she's complete. Remember her outfit?

Now, I know I have some Poly-fil around here somewhere...

1 comment:

Annie said...

Ok, let's challenge each other. I have "parts" of a dog that I need to put together. Let's see who can actually complete their "parts" first :)