Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mom, what's burning?

That would be fish, son. And yes, it stinks.

It stinks that I took an easy pattern and was totally brain-dead when I tried to knit it. I frogged a few times, and tinked a bit too. Ugh.

When I finally did finish the parts, I had to iron them on a damp cloth. Well, my iron is collecting dust normally because, well, isn't a dryer just as good? Seriously.

So, take me, occasional ironer: add acrylic (tranlsation: machine washable) yarn: and PRESTO! Meet Scorchie:

This photo doesn't do it justice, but let's just say that the ocean blue the yarn started as is now a crunchy, orange-tinted color instead. See the flat, shiny stitches near the bottom of the picture? Melted.

Yep, I didn't check the temperature setting on the old iron and it fried poor Scorchie when he was still just filets. I almost tossed him then and there, but decided to finsh him anyway and see how bad he really was. Maybe nobody will notice, unless of course they touch it, or smell it, that is. Ahh, the aroma of melted plastic...

Does anyone remember my last good knitting project?


Erin said...

Oh that hat... sending you an email now. The fishie is really cute BTW. Maybe the scorching just made him "tropical!" :)

Knit-Wit said...

I pretty much stick with socks and they usually turn out OK. I haven't tried making stuffed toys or anything like that lately. I have a few pairs of socks I need to finish up for some people and then I'm going to give my new book "One Skien Wonders" a try.