Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yes, I'm still here. My hubby and i split town for the long weekend to let our brains basically, well, stop. Our only decisions was where to go to eat. Good times, good times. And I finally found a minute or two to knit! Look what I made:

So, I didn't win Susan's Elefante, but I still love her designs. :-) See? I took her Simple Hat 2

and then added her Marley Topper

and VIOLA! The cutest stinkin' hat ever!

This may be my favorite charity hat yet...

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Knit-Wit said...

My computer crashed as I was commenting on this post. Just gotta love technology.

Now let me think.... what was I commenting about? Oh yes! Love the hat.. and I finally signed up for Ravelry but it will take years before I get in. There are 3,000 some folks ahead of me in line!