Sunday, January 20, 2008


OK, Skeins Her Way: I'm finished!

I must say thank you for the motivation. I knew that I needed to finish Mr. Starfish, but he was so boring. And all that seaming? YUK! But once I really got started again, I knocked it right out.

Just in case anyone is wondering, Mr. Starfish is a baby gift. Two of my coworkers (married) are expecting their first baby, aka Lab Baby. Mommy and Daddy like to deep sea dive and their nursery decor is "Under the Sea." Perfect excuse to whip up some cute knitted goodies that I know no one else will give them!

At the beginning of this contest (basically - I had 2 more leg pieces done, but no seaming):


I hope Lab Baby likes him! Now to add some fishies to keep Mr. Starfish company...

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ali said...

Woohoo! Let's hear it for finishing!
I finished a long-neglected sock this afternoon!

Happy knitting-