Monday, January 14, 2008

OK, so I need motivation to finish some projects. SO?!

Well, nothing gets my attention like a good contest. Especially when Blue Sky Alpaca yarn is the prize! So, I am going to FINALLY finish the toy starfish I'm making for Lab Baby. By the end of this month. That right now looks pretty much like this, with one more leg:

I still have to make another 5.

Skeins Her Way is having the contest, and I'm goin' all in!

This post is for accountability! You are all witnesses! (Well Norma, you are. No one else reads this!)

I have made hats for 2 charity knitalongs this month, and that will just have to be enough. Because I have GOT to win me some Blue Sky Alpacas.....

Oh - I guess I'd better start knitting now. Bye :-)

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